InterTech Concepts Design Solutions (ICDS)

is a professional manufacturer of body worn camera, and other security product. We focus on video camera products production, also provide service of camera molding and circuit board design.

We boasts advanced technology and rich experience in body worn camera field. Moreover, we have took part in many government projects/tenders in all over the world. Our engineering team is able to provide the best solution to the end customers.


Multi-Channel Camera System

It utilizes the stage of the art COFDM technology to get high sharp, true images and protect the transmitted data. Mini Camera is designed for secret audio/video monitoring applications. Beside that, it is also used with handheld camera or professional camera for public security application.
System can transmit and receive A/V in non line-of-sight (NLOS) conditions, with COFDM modulation and H264 compression for high quality and stable images. It is equipped with 4-channel A/V receiver and LCD screen and packed in the compact case for surveillance and record audio/video in real-time. The system is multi-function, flexible and easily deploy everywhere.

Hinh Cat 5


Multi-Channel Camera System is a perfect and intelligent solution for mobile surveillance applications. The system is ideal for secret security and public security monitoring operations of law enforcements, or other tactical operations of special force.

Body Worn Camera Service

InterTech Concepts Design Solutions (ICDS), located in 1220 Memorex drive Santa Clara, CA 95050, is the manufacturer and integrator of the safety and security solutions for the Law Enforcement Agencies, Search and Rescue Forces, Intelligence Forces, Military and other Government Agencies and Security Companies.

Our specialists have a profound knowledge in the field of security technologies to meet the highest demands of our respectful customers.

Our solutions include both advanced high-tech developments, and the public security products.

We also provide the assistance with installation, training, operational procedures, and equipment maintenance protocol.

Our mission is to contribute the strength and stability of national, regional and global security.